Online Casinos – A beginner’s guide

This guide is for those people who are complete beginners or who are fairly new to the process of gambling. If you have perhaps never really gambled online or are quite new to the whole thing then this will provide you with a fair amount of information, a beginner’s guide, to the world of online casinos. The most important thing to remember is that online casinos are actually more attractive than land-based casinos due to the higher payout rates and the practicality of the whole thing.

For example, online you are able to reselect your bets with a simple mouse click, you will find slot machines which have a much higher pay out rate then you would ever find in a casino is Sin City sometimes as high as 98%! The variety of machines offered by these online sites is amazing and will certainly keep you coming back for more.

To prepare you for your first online casino experience here are some rules which should help you to feel a little more at ease with the whole thing. Hopefully these will make your first experience a trouble free one.

You should try to stick to these rules when gambling online for the first time:

  1. Consider very carefully which casino you will be using. There are two types; some are download casinos, meaning you have to download a bit of software which makes the experience a lot easier, quicker and more immersive due to the better graphics and sounds. Others are non download casinos meaning they are played in your browser using Java or Flash software. You can play for real with your own money or play for free just for fun. It is advisable to play for fun first so you can get to know which machine or activity you would like to do the most before committing real money to it. If you like the casino and the games then feel free to continue playing, if not, have a look at another casino. One great online casino that runs by software provided from Microgaming you can start at is: Spin Palace. Repeat this process until you find one that is best suited to you.
  2. Sometimes you will have to provide your email address before you download the software. To make sure you are comfortable and secure and feel you can trust the site, you should read reviews that other people have posted and remember to always check who can access your information online.
  3. Once you have downloaded the software you will need to install it. If the site is trustworthy this should be no problem, remember to always have a virus scanner on your computer just to make sure.
  4. An icon should appear on your desktop which will allow you to initiate the process by double-clicking. It may take a few minutes to install properly.
  5. You may have to set up an account with a username and password. This is just for security reasons. Make sure you keep your password to yourself!
  6. If you're from the U.S., you may have already realized that many online casinos do not accept U.S. Players. However, an excellent online casino that does accept US players is Win Palace Casino, be sure to check it out!

Most importantly HAVE FUN!